Call for Applications - PSL PhD Track 2022


In 2022, PSL is renewing its call for applications for its Phd track programs.
Highly selective and entirely taught in English, these five-year programs are intended for high-potential students who wish to take on the scientific challenges of tomorrow and be trained, from their Master’s to the completion of their PhD, as close as possible to research in PSL's laboratories and its international partners.
Accessible after an undergraduate degree, the PSL Phd tracks offer funding for the entire duration of graduate studies.
With the PhD Track Grants, PSL is committed to promoting excellence and equal opportunities for students.

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PSL PhD Track: your passport to a prestigious research career with full financial support

Only the masters' degrees and tracks listed below are eligible for the PhD Track 2022 program. The first two years will be done within the framework of the master's degree. After graduating from the master's program, students will pursue their doctorate at PSL.

PSL PhD Tracks grants amount is:

  • Up to 2 years master’s degree: 10,000€/year
  • Equivalent of a PhD contract based on French legislation

PhD Track grants for the current year are available to those entering eligible Master’s specializations beginning in September 2022. Entrance in Year 1 (M1), except for master's degree in Mathematics (Entrance in Year 2 / M2 only) :

5-years PhD Track: how does it work?

PhD track grants are funded for 5 years (4 years in specific cases): up to 2 years master’s degree grants, and 3 years PhD contract.
Funded students will complete the academic requirements of the Master’s program in which they are enrolled. Once the student has completed the Master’s degree, an Ad hoc committee, designated by the relevant graduate program, will determine whether the student is awarded additional funding for continuation of his/her PhD at PSL.

PhD track application

Admissions calendar
The application campaign for the 2022/23 academic year will open in the fall of 2021. The detailed calendar will be communicated in September 2021.
Please note: recruitment for the Phd track (4 or 5 years) and for the Master's degree (2 years) are two separate procedures. The schedule for the Master recruitment will be communicated in October 2021.
Candidates can apply in parallel to the 2 programs (Phd track and master) according to the planned schedules.

Application procedure
On the basis of an application (to be submitted online on the PSL portal) and an interview. 
Eligible candidates will be invited to an interview (physical or remote) at the end of January 2022.

Application file 
Applications must be submitted online (opening of applications mid-November 2021).
All documents must be submitted in English (an official translation is not required). Only complete applications submitted by the deadline will be considered by the jury.
In particular, applicants must provide the following documents: 

  • Academic transcripts from each college/university attended
  • Official certificate of English language proficiency with score certificate (not mandatory but recommended)
  • Statement of Purpose: to give us an idea of who you are and what you want from your graduate education. Tell us about your interest in the field and your career goals. Explain how your interests align with PSL’s PhD Trac. Use this statement to clarify any unusual elements in your CV or transcripts. Strict one-page limit.
  • Research statement: to show us where your interests lie in the field of research and specifically within your subfield. Include any serious research projects which you have engaged in, and what you predict for the future of your research if you join our PhD program. One to two-pages limit.
  • Contacts of at least two academic references (contact information of two referees who know you well enough to support your application. We recommend that you consult with potential referees before submitting their names, in order to ensure their contact information is current and that they agree to write positive and informative letters in support of your application).
What amount of funding does the PhD Track Grant award?

A PhD Track Grant awards:
-    €10,000 per year of enrolment during the master's program.
-    If the student is successful in their master’s degree, they will receive the PhD contract, which is a 3-year working contract, with a salary in accordance with the french legislation.

Can I continue to benefit from the funding if I wish to interrupt my studies, or if I am not able to satisfy the requirements to successfully complete the master's or doctoral program?

No. If studies are interrupted during the year, or if you do not satisfy the conditions to continue through your program, your funding ceases.

What does the grant funding exclude?
  • The grant funding do not include accommodation, transportation and living expenses.
  • Information regarding accommodation in Paris can be found on the page "PSL accommodation".
    The cost of living in Paris varies greatly depending on the type of accommodation you require (CROUS room/ studio/ room in a shared flat etc.), and its location (city center/ Ile de France region). We suggest a monthly budget of 600€ to 900 € to cover accommodation, food, and transportation costs (leisure activities are not included).
    Note: for non-EU students, when renewing your residence permit, the Prefecture of Police will ask you to prove that you have resources of at least 615€/month.
  • Tuition fees


If I receive the PhD tracks Grant, can I combine it with other scholarships?

It is possible to combine the PhD Track Grant with other scholarships (international, social, Crous). however, you cannot combine this scholarship with any PSL Master's scholarships.

I was awarded a PhD Track Grant, but I was not admitted to the master's program. Will my PhD Track Grant application be retained for the following year?

No. If you are not admitted to the master’s program, you will have to reapply the following year to both the master’s program and to the PhD Track Grant program.

I have been admitted to a PSL Master's program that is not listed. Am I eligible for a PhD Track Grant?

Only the masters and courses listed on the PhD Track Grant page are eligible for the grant.

Do I have to travel for the grant audition, or can it be organized by videoconference?

Videoconference auditions are preferred.

If my visa is not granted by the time the courses begin, can I follow the courses remotely ?

To consider the time required for the visa to be issued, the student is granted a period of time in accordance with the final date of arrival chosen by the master's program.
In case of refusal to issue the visa, the scholarship will not be granted to the student.


I was awarded a PhD Track Grant, I have been admitted to the master's program and obtained my student visa, but the current health situation does not allow me to come to France. Can I keep the grant and follow the courses remotely?

Yes, this is an exceptional situation, your scholarship funding begins as soon as the program starts and lasts for the duration of your studies.

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Opening of applications: November 2021