Call for Student Initiatives, Fall 2022: share your projects!


From musicals to ecological expeditions or stargazing, give a new scale to your associative projects! PSL's Calls for Student Initiatives fund projects for all PSL students; don't hesitate to apply!


The Call for Student Initiatives is a funding program for student projects. It is launched twice a year and promotes students' actions, thus reinforcing the inter-campus movement. Since its creation in 2012, the AIE has supported more than a hundred cultural, sports, charitable and ecological projects... Some have gone on great scientific adventures, others staged plays and musicals from A to Z, and others have made the stars available to all by offering sky observation sessions.... All ideas are invited, as long as they are open to the whole PSL community and are led by a PSL student association! The only limit is that IEAs cannot be used to fund an academic project or one that is part of your curriculum.

Please note: projects that adress the annual theme of water will receive special attention.

How to apply

To be selected, your projects must meet a certain number of criteria:

Suggest solutions that contribute to meeting one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN
Offer visible results (maximum 6 months of implementation)
Be available to the entire PSL community
Produce a concrete and measurable impact on the campus and/or student life of several PSL schools
The budget must be consistent and you must provide evidence that you're provided with co-financing of up to 40% of the budget (exceptions may be made in certain cases).
No funding will be granted to these projects outside of the calls for student initiatives. Projects must be carried out during the current academic year and will not be extended beyond that duration.