Competition: contribute to creating PSL's anthem


Like other great Universities in the world, Université PSL's team wishes to sing its own musical anthem. The music will be composed by the conductor of the OSC-PSL, Johan Farjot. As for the text, Université PSL calls upon the creativity of its communities and is opening a competition among its students, professors, researchers and staff.

Vue du Choeur de l'Orchestre PSL cc Orchestre et Choeur de PSL

Terms and conditions:

The competition is available to all members of Université PSL and its partners: students, professors, researchers and university staff.

The hymn will be structured in a strophic form alternating verses and choruses.
The refrain has to include the Latin motto of PSL: "Sapere Aude" ("Dare to Know"), which makes reference to both Horace, to mark the heritage of the Classical Humanities which many of the schools of PSL are bearers, but also to Emmanuel Kant and his founding text "What is Enlightenment" which reflects the long-lasting ideal of an emancipation of humans through knowledge.

Johan Farjot will compose the music for this hymn ; the musicians of the PSL Orchestra and Choir, of which he is the musical director, will propose the musical rendition filmed under lockdown.

How to apply

Applicants should write a verse in French language according to the following framework: a quatrain of octosyllables, versified and rhymed.
The text should be poetically inspired by the chorus - PSL's motto - and more generally by the values of the University.

The text of the anthem should be sent electronically to Johan Farjot, conductor of the PSL Orchestra and Choir and composer of the anthem ; the deadline is Monday, May 11.
The jury, composed of members of Université PSL's team, will select three texts/couplets. The competition will thus have three winners.

The intellectual property of the laureates will be protected in accordance with French law.

Jury (under lockdown)

  • Alain Fuchs, President of PSL
  • Anne Devulder, PSL Vice President of Student Life and Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Johan Farjot, conductor of PSL Orchestra and Choir, and composer
  • Nelly Manoukian, PSL communications director
  • Ines Maillard, student in Y3 CPES Undergraduate Deegree, co-chair of Union PSL
  • Adrian van Kan, co-delegate of the Choir, doctoral fellow at the Département Physique of l'ENS - PSL