Global Studies IRIS call for contributions: “(Un)ruling others and the self” seminar


The vision of (Un)ruling others and the self is to create a collective dedicated to cross-disciplinary knowledge creation via active interchange between the various fields of social science and their representatives. The seminar, hosted by the Global Studies IRIS at PSL, will take place at EHESS in Paris, from October to December 2017.


Séminaire IRIS PSL Etudes Globales

The seminar will focus on the normativity of the global governance model that has arisen from neoliberal policies, and how these policies are situated at various levels.
The goal of the seminar is to provide new empirical material for informing the “neoliberalism” concept, with particular focus on current research being conducted by doctoral candidates at PSL institutions. The seminar will serve as a forum for research-based dialogue on this issue. Doctoral candidates wishing to contribute will be asked the following:

  1. To select an article or book that will serve as the basis of a session’s discussions. Participants will discuss the selected material’s heuristic contribution to the empirical work presented at the session. The suggested bibliography accessible via the following link is not an exhaustive list and is therefore open to original proposals.
  2. To invite a researcher (postdoc, lecturer, director of studies, etc.) to join a session and contribute as one of three voices; each session’s mediators and both guests will discuss the contributions and limitations of the initial presentation.

This call for contributions is open to all disciplines at all PSL institutions.
Please email us a PDF document including the following:

  • First and last name & institution/research center
  • Description of your current research, including investigative methodologies (2 pages max.)
  • Proposed PSL researcher whom you have approached and would like to work with for this seminar
  • Your choice of book or scientific paper, selected from or inspired by the suggested, non-exhaustive bibliography below

Deadline for contributions: August 21, 2017
Duration of seminar: October - December (bimonthly) - 3 hours per session / 1 hour per speaker.
Send your PDF document to: &

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Deadline for contributions: August 21, 2017