PSL awarded the "Science with and for Society" certification


PSL is one of the first eight universities that are awarded the "Science with and for Society" certification, granted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

PSL est l’une des huit premières universités françaises à obtenir le label « Science avec et pour la société »

Université PSL will be granted a €315,000 endowment  per year over three years to support the deployment of its activities. With this significant financial support, the Ministry is keen to acknowledge PSL's desire to deploy in a structured approach to outreach at the university level, to increase the visibility of its catalog, and to innovate through an original positioning based on multidisciplinarity and engagement with non-academic communities: citizens, the general public and private decision-makers, NGOs, and non-profit organization.

All of the actions carried out by the Outreach Working Group, led by Olivier Dauchot (ESPCI Paris - PSL) under the responsibility of Rémi Carminati, Vice President for Research, Science and Society, will focus on four main areas:

  • Promoting research and its stakes to all audiences, especially to schoolchildren
  • Training in outreach, communication and awareness of the scientific process
  • Promotion of current events and scientific prominence in the media
  • Open-source intelligence to collect research data


The Outreach Working Group

An integral part of the documentation and outreach service under the authority of the research department, the Outreach Working Group is made up of some twenty researchers, popularizers and communication professionals from the entire PSL community. It is managed by an executive committee and relies on a network of 150 researchers and staff who are close to the field.  The Group is a hub for communicationg information, monitoring research in progress, sharing experience, exploring and developing collaborative projects in relation to society. It is coordinated by Olivier Dauchot, researcher at ESPCI Paris - PSL, director of the Gulliver laboratory.


 Structurer et apporter une dimension nouvelle à nos actions de médiation. Interview d’Olivier Dauchot, coordinateur du GT partage des savoirs