PSL-Weeks: Students, move along, there is everything to see here!


More than 450 students in science, design, cinema, theater, will take part in the PSL-Weeks, held March 19th-24th and March 26th-30th. During this two-week event, schools of Arts, engineering, CPES Multidisciplinary undergraduate course and several Master’s programs will circulate information about the university along with highlighting the topic of student mobility. These half-yearly meetings offer PSL students a great opportunity to enrich their career, develop skills and explore many topics.

Etudiants dans la cour de l'ESPCI lors de la PSL-Week Ingénieurs 2017

PSL-Week "Arts" : March 19th-24th

250 students from La Fémis, the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique, EnsAD and the CPES Multidisciplinary Undergraduate program have an appointment from March 19th-24th 2018 to participate in the PSL-Week "Arts". Organized in the form of workshops, this week of classes is an opportunity for participants to discover PSL institutions and arts they would not necessarily engage in elsewhere. From the "living models" workshop at Les Beaux-Arts of Paris, to the "Animation cinema" at EnsAD, through the "360 ° and transmedia" at La Fémis or the "Chanson" workshop Cabaret" at CNSAD.... all offer real professional exercises and give rise to collective creations at the end of the five days. The different achievements will be presented on March 24th during a feedback workshop at La Fémis.

These annual meetings are also an opportunity for students in Dramatic Arts, Cinema or Design to build their first professional network and facilitate their future creations.

Etudiant participant à la PSL-Week arts 2017, atelier cinéma d'animation

The PSL-Week "Engineers" March 26th-30th

More than 200 students at the Master's level, in the 2nd or 3rd year at the EnsAD, the CPES, or in one of the three engineering schools of the PSL University will participate at the PSL-Week “Engineers". All institutions and disciplines will be distributed into the classrooms of EnsAD, ESPCI-Paris, Chimie ParisTech and MINES ParisTech to attend one or more of the seventeen modules offered in Physics, Chemistry, History, Economics, Applied Mathematics...

"This is a unique opportunity to perfect your culture, to discover a discipline, or to meet students from different tracks. This also gives some students the desire to go further, to take other courses or to do an internship or a thesis in another school or institute of PSL” explains Matthieu Mazière, Director of Studies, Civil Engineers cycle, at MINES ParisTech.

Etudiants de l'ESPCI Paris-PSL durant le PSL-Hack 2017

We spent a great week offering a wealth of information and fun. We shifted from our usual courses to make multidisciplinary projects that interested us and we've attended first-rate lectures ! Hanae Bradshaw, first-year student in Materials science and engineering Master's degree

Coordinated by Julien Bohdanowicz, Director of Studies and Research at EnsAD, the PSL-Week "Engineers" offers a very rich program. Depending on their curiosities, future participants will have the opportunity to: train in Machine Learning at MINES ParisTech; learn about Mobile Robotics with the help of experienced teachers from EnsAD and ESPCI Paris, or explore the notion of time under the guidance of ESPCI Paris teachers. Observatoire de Paris, ENS or CEA - participants in this module will hear lectures from André Klarsfled and Etienne Klein.

The PSL-Week "Engineers" is also an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial project. To encourage vocations, the PSL-valorisation team and ESPCI Paris have been organizing PSL-Hack for two years in partnership with EDF. Distributed in multidisciplinary teams, the students have five days to achieve, with the help of EDF teachers and coaches, a solution in response to EDF's challenges.

These inter-school weeks, initiated in 2014, for the PSL-Week "Engineers", and in 2015 for the PSL-Week "Arts", are a central element of student life at PSL. This serves as a source of inspiration for the PSL-Xtend shared-learning platform, which allows enriched cross-institutional student mobility in the entire Université PSL.

Sangar Joë, a first-year student of the Master's program Energy, participated in the PSL Week "Engineers" of the autumn of 2017. He tells of his experience.

"The PSL-Week is an opportunity to follow very well thought-out courses, it lays the foundation for entrepreneurial projects, and opens up new academic possibilities. Overall, it better captures the essence of the PSL mindset."