"Welcome to France": 5 new programs to welcome PSL international students


Université PSL obtained funding of €190,000 as part of the "Bienvenue en France" call for proposals launched in March by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education and Innovation in order to implement five measures to improve the integration of international students.

Bienvenue en France

Committed to the "Welcome to France" labelling process since January 2019, Université PSL responded to the call for proposals launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in order to develop programs to improve the integration of international students.
The nine member institutions of the University submitted a unique application, taking advantage of their different experiences in student welcome, and obtained a total funding of 190,000 € for the five selected projects.

These projects will support students from the moment they arrive in France and throughout their studies thanks to the implementation of peer mentoring, the development of French as a foreign language courses (FLE) and the improvement of multilingual reception. Recognized for its originality and added value for international students, a project on "health and well-being" was also selected.

The projects funded under the "Bienvenue en France" call for proposals are:
Partner@PSL: creating academic mentoring programs for international students at Université PSL;
PSL- FLE Campus: developing a shared offer of courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) throughout PSL and digital tools dedicated to FLE;
Recruiting a full-time bilingual French-English psychologist to set up the "Health" Mutualized Service Support in Université PSL;
The 2020 edition of the TREMPLIN program for refugees with the development of two axes: support for candidates who want to resume education and another specific support for entrepreneurship;
Training in intercultural awareness  and English courses specialized in welcoming non-French-speaking audiences for the administrative staff within Université PSL.

With the exception of TREMPLIN, which is intended for a specific audience, the programs will benefit all PSL international students and will be implemented from the start of the 2019 academic year.

The "Welcome to France" label

Launched by Ministry of Higher Ed, Research and Innovation in January 2019, the label is awarded for 4 years by Campus France to higher education institutions wishing to make visible the efforts taken to improve the reception of international students. It is part of an overall quality approach of institutions, within which it finds its place as a tool for measuring, describing and promoting their programs and actions dedicated to international students.