TransLitterae EUR

Coordinator: Isabelle Kalinowski (ENS)

Host institutions: CNRS, ENS, EPHE, ENC, EHESS, Collège de France, Observatoire de Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, TransferS Labex

Alongside the TransferS Labex, the Translitterae EUR (graduate school) project explores the humanities from the standpoint of the flows of information at their source, and analyzes how a given discipline may arise as a result of an ongoing process of transfer. The TransLitterae project has four major sections: Texts in Translation, Histories and Transfers, Cross-disciplinary Critical Thought, and The Humanities, Science and Technology, and is designed to support the newly created Master’s degree programs and curricula within PSL. It will include an optimal combination of teaching and research seminars offered by the Joint Research Units (UMR), PSL departments and TransLitterae’s partners. This high-level, five-year program in the humanities includes an in-depth examination of how to approach a text, epistemology and transnational displacement processes, all backed by a scholarship program.

The EUR status significantly enhances the project’s international appeal, thanks to an extensive network of partnerships with top-rated universities worldwide. China is a particular focus, with the EUR drawing on an especially innovative program created by the TransferS Labex, including a faculty exchange with Fudan University, plus hosting of visiting Chinese doctoral students and researchers at PSL – a form of exchange that could be expanded to other innovative international partnerships. With a topic that generates innovative research, a coherent instructional curriculum and its emphasis on international visibility, TransLitterae is a fruitful and highly integrated hub of teaching and research.