10 years of Université PSL

We share what is unique in each of us.

PSL celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, we invite you to take a look back at some of our highlights over the last ten years - big science projects, new courses, an increased and diversified range of services, and international visibility - by emphasizing the strengths of our schools.


“Université PSL is first and foremost the product of a great intellectual and scientific project that draws on the excellence and the unique and prestigious history of each component school. The great accomplishments achieved in the last 10 years reflect the impressive dynamism of our university, despite its young age. We wanted to shed light on a few of them. They illustrate both the remarkable investment of our academic and administrative communities, and the extraordinary potential that remains to be discovered in the next few years - everyone should embrace this future together!”

Alain Fuchs, President of Université PSL


Eleven schools, one university

Heads of the schools past and present look back on this founding moment. The opportunity to rediscover the history of each school that makes up Université PSL

Come and discover the schools!

This month, open the doors to the Collège de France.

We will add to this array of articles from March to December.

“PSL is a successful final outcome”

Interview with Professors Pierre Corvol & Thomas Römer

The Collège de France

Discover its history

Fabienne Casoli
"Joining PSL was a unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves"

Interview with Fabienne Casoli, Mathieu Puech & Andreas Zech

Observatoire de Paris
Observatoire de Paris - PSL

Discover its history

Claire Lasne Darcueil
“Equal opportunities and the ecological issue become, day after day, our common, shared priorities”

Interview with Claire Lasne Darcueil, Director du CNSAD - PSL


Discover its history

“The recent success of PSL demonstrates the soundness of our vision”

An interview with Vincent Laflèche, Director of Mines Paris - PSL, and Frédéric Fontane, Director...

mines paris psl
Mines Paris - PSL

Discover its history

Frédéric Worms, directeur de l'ENS - PSL
« En 10 ans, PSL est devenue pleinement elle-même »

Interview de Frédéric Worms, Directeur de l'ENS - PSL

Vue du campus Panthéon de l'Ecole normale supérieure - PSL

Deux siècles d'histoire

« PSL est la garantie d’une circulation accrue pour nos élèves, étudiants, professeurs et collaborateurs »

Interview de Michelle Bubenicek, directrice de l'Ecole nationale des chartes - PSL

Entrée de l'École nationale des chartes - PSL
Ecole nationale des chartes - PSL

200 ans d'histoire

« Découvrir la richesse de chacun est une source inépuisable de rencontres, de partage et de projets »

Interview de Jean-Michel Verdier, président de l'EPHE - PSL

Humatheque du campus-condorcet

150 ans d'histoire

"Notre modèle se réinvente. PSL permet d'affronter les défis avec force et sérénité"

Interview de Vincent Croquette, directeur général de l’ESPCI Paris - PSL

Facade ESPCI - PSL

140 ans d'histoire

« Un désir partagé de « faire ensemble », d’aller au-delà de sa propre vision et de sa propre identité »

Interview de Thierry Philip, président du directoire de l'Institut Curie

Institut Curie

Redécouvrir l'histoire de l'institut

« La complémentarité des compétences en recherche permet de multiplier d’innover dans la pluridisciplinarité »

Interview de E. M. Mouhoud, président de Dauphine - PSL

Dauphine - PSL

Redécouvrir son histoire

Highlights of the year

Throughout the year, campus life will be enriched with events commemorating PSL’s tenth anniversary. Graduations, conferences, sporting events, student competitions, and concerts will all be an opportunity to discover or rediscover Université PSL.

This events calendar will be updated regularly.

Gif 10 ans PSL