Disciplinary boards

Pursuant Article 15 of the University's internal regulations, adopted on the basis of articles L.712-6-2 and L.811-5 of the Education Code, disciplinary power with respect to teachers & researchers as well as users of Université PSL, is assumed by the relevant disciplinary board.

The purpose of the disciplinary board is to sanction inappropriate and wrongful behavior that is likely to disturb its order or damage the reputation of the University. This may include :

  • For users: fraud or attempted fraud committed during registration, a continuous assessment test, an examination or a competition and more generally for any act likely to undermine order, the proper operations or the reputation of the university;
  • For professors and teachers: disciplinary misconduct, which refers to any act or behavior that constitutes a breach of their obligations and duties and more generally to any act likely to disturb the order of the University.

The members of each disciplinary board are appointed among the members of the Academic Senate.

The documents will be available for download soon.


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