Mathematics and applications

Program type Initial Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Graduate Program in Mathematics and Applications
Domain(s) Fundamental Sciences
Discipline(s) Mathematics
Teaching language(s) French, English
Place Paris

PSL host school

Other PSL school(s) contributing to the curriculum


The fruit of collaboration between Ecole Normale Supérieure - PSL and Dauphine - PSL, the Master's degree "Mathematics and applications" from Université PSL provides advanced training in fundamental and applied mathematics.
The training is backed by the mathematics and IT laboratories of ENS - PSL and Dauphine - PSL, as well as the research centers of partner institutions, and is part of PSL graduate program in Mathematics and applications. Mines Paris - PSL and Observatoire de Paris - PSL are also part of the curriculum.
Its ambition is to train specialists in mathematics in the broad sense, preparing for professions both in the academic sector and in those of the service and industrial sectors where modeling takes a predominant place.

Learning outcomes

The master's degree offers in-depth training in mathematics during the first year, open to both fundamental mathematics and applied mathematics. 
The second year offers a specialization that builds upon the theoretical knowledge acquired during the first year, leading to tracks in applied or theoretical mathematics and towards tracks of more professional application, aimed at the actuarial, finance and data-science professions. 

Curriculum and tracks

3 tracks are proposed for the Master's degree, year 1:
•    M1 track in Applied Mathematics
•    M1 track in Fundamental Mathematics
•    M1 track in Advanced Mathematics

The Master's degree, year 2, dedicated to specialization, offers 5 tracks: 

•    M2 Actuarial services
•    M2 Statistical and Financial Engineering (ISF) – accessible in initial training or apprenticeship
•    M2 Mathematics of Insurance, Economics and Finance (MASEF)
•    M2 Mathematics, Apprenticeship and Human Sciences (MASH)
•    M2 Applied and Theoretic Mathematics (MATH)

See the details of the programs for M1 and M2 in the dedicated tab.

Who should apply?

Students holding a bachelor's degree in mathematics or 180 ECTS credits from a scientific curriculum of bachelor's degree or equivalent level, and particularly students coming from the CPES of PSL, ENS -PSL, MINES Paris - PSL and the bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Dauphine - PSL.


According to the specialization track chosen in the 2nd year:
•    Doctorate in theoretical or applied mathematics 
•    Professions in the service sector, particularly related to the evaluation of risk and decision-making (actuarial services, insurance, finance, statistics and data science). 

Laboratories involved 

The training is backed by the mathematics and IT laboratories of the partner establisments:
•    CAS, CMM at MINES Paris - PSL
•    CAMS at EHESS
•    CEREMADE and LAMSADE at Dauphine - PSL
•    DMA and DI at Ecole Normale Supérieure - PSL
•    IMCCE at Observatoire de Paris - PSL

Teaching location

The courses are given in the heart of Paris on the campuses of the PSL schools involved in the Master's program. The students may also spend part of their education abroad, taking advantage of the various international agreements of PSL and the schools involved.

School for registration : Dauphine - PSL
Degree issued : National Master's degree issued by Université PSL

•    Unprecedented collaboration between some of the most prestigious schools in France in the field of mathematics
•    Immersion in an advanced international research ecosystem, working closely with major laboratories and scientific innovation 
•    A very wide range of fundamental teaching and tracks combining the complementary expertise of various partners; opportunities for varied specializations deeply rooted in the major contemporary issues of mathematics (digital transition, artificial intelligence, modeling and analysis of complex systems, data sciences related to human sciences)
•    A framework of international studies, with part of the teaching given in English by researchers from foreign universities 
•    A strong link with the industrial and socio-economic world, a real springboard for a professional career, notably thanks to the company partnerships of Université Paris-Dauphine in the energy, insurance and finance sectors
•    A campus life in the very heart of Paris, benefiting from the opportunities for meeting and inter-establishment circulation offered by Université PSL.

In the Master's degree, year 1, 3 tracks are proposed:

•    M1 track in Applied Mathematics
This track is organized in majors, which orient more specifically towards the various tracks of M2 intended for applied mathematics (statistics and data science, finance and the actuarial professions) as well as courses leading to other disciplines, while maintaining great flexibility of orientation. The course is given at Université Paris-Dauphine.         
•    M1 track in Fundamental Mathematics
This track in pure and applied mathematics of a high scientific level is addressed at French and foreign students who are trained to follow very demanding courses. The students on this track are strongly encouraged to undertake a project traveling abroad for three months. The course is given at the Ecole Normale Supérieure.
•    M1 track in Advanced Mathematics
This track offers broad training combining pure and applied mathematics, with emphasis on analysis and probabilities, as well as courses that lead to other scientific disciplines. The students receive individual supervision aiming to help them best take advantage of this vast range of instruction. The course is given in the various partner establishments of the PSL. 
In the Master's degree, year 2, students specialize along one of the following 5 tracks: 

•    M2 Actuarial services
This track is one of the eight initial courses recognized by the French Institute of Actuaries. It is a general scientific training course, focused on the mathematics of insurance and the management of risk.
•    M2 Statistical and Financial Engineering (ISF)
This track, accessible through apprenticeship, is intended to train company executives having good mastery of quantitative methods, mathematical and statistical modeling and IT resources.    
•    M2 Mathematics of Insurance, Economics and Finance (MASEF)
This track trains probabilistic mathematicians of a high level in mathematical techniques used in economics and finance.
•    M2 Mathematics, Apprenticeship and Human Sciences (MASH)
This track aims to offer students who have followed a mathematical curriculum a statistical apprenticeship training course, the applications of which are focused on the digital economy and human sciences in the broad sense. This course has specific exchange agreements with the universities of Rome La Sapienza and Helsinki.
•   M2 Applied and Theoretic Mathematics (MATH)    
The aim of this track is to prepare students for a doctorate in mathematics, offering them an in-depth training course in the various fields of applied and theoretical mathematics: analysis, probabilities, geometry etc. The career-developing tracks of M2 call upon numerous external contributors. 

Prerequisites to apply for M1: 

  • Bachelor’s in mathematics or 180 ECTS credits in “Science” or equivalent.
  • Certificate of proficiency in the French language for foreign diplomas.

Process of selection:

Application form to be completed online on the portal of Paris-Dauphine (my-candidature).

Discover and apply for PSL "PhD Track" grants

Elements of the application package
For students coming from an establishment external to Université PSL, the following items are required to apply for M1 or M2:
•    Copies of diplomas obtained and school reports since the high school degree
•    Curriculum Vitae 
•    Cover letter 
•    Academic letter of recommendation
•    Detailed bachelor program
•    Language certificate (for foreign degree)

Tuition fees: Tuition fees are set by ministerial decree (€243 in 2020/21). Please note that you will also need to provide proof of payment for the CVEC (Student Life and Campus Fee) of €92. More information.
Institution for registration: Université Paris-Dauphine - PSL
Degree issued: National master's degree delivered by Université PSL    


Master's program manager:
Jacques FEJOZ

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