Computer science

Program type Initial Training, Apprenticeship Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Graduate Program in Computer Science
Domain(s) Engineering, Fundamental Sciences
Discipline(s) Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science
Teaching language(s) French, English
Place Paris

PSL host school

Other PSL school(s) contributing to the curriculum


The result of collaboration between Dauphine–PSL, École Normale Supérieure–PSL, and MINES Paris–PSL, the Master’s Degree in Computer Science trains specialists in computer science in the broad sense, with a focus on organizational science, decision making and data science, and artificial intelligence.
The various tracks of the Master’s degree prepare students for either academic research or corporate jobs. The Master’s degree is affiliated with PSL’s graduate program in Computer Science.

Learning outcomes

  • Provide a high-level education on the topics of fondamental computing, data science and artificial intelligence and decision-making science.
  • Focus on research (initial training) and top quality professional training, with many industry-side contributors (Miage program and apprenticeship)


3 tracks in M1 :

- Fondamental computing : courses mainly in English (some options may be in French). More information.
- Computer Science, Decision Making, and Data (IDD) : courses mainly in English (some options may be in French). More information.
- Business Informatics (MIAGE) : courses in French. More information.

6 tracks in M2 :

  • Algorithmic Science and Foundations of Programming track: Researcher, teacher-researcher, teacher, engineer, etc.: courses mainly in English (some options may be in French). More information.
  • Modeling, Optimization, Decision Science and Organizations track (MODO): Decision support consultant, operational research, computing in functional departments, R&D departments, etc.: courses mainly in English (some options may be in French). More information.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Systems and Data track (IASD): Thesis in artificial intelligence, data scientist, etc.: courses mainly in English (some options may be in French). More information.
  • MIAGE – Information Systems and the Digital Transition - SITN – SITN track: Client-side project manager, contractor-side project manager, consultant, business analyst, information systems auditor, etc.: courses in French. More information.
  • MIAGE – Business Intelligence – ID track: Data scientist, BI project manager, Big Data engineer, Supervising research engineer.: courses in French. More information.
  • MIAGE - Informatics for Finance – IF track : Developer analyst, financial auditor, business analyst, head of risk management, etc.: courses in French. More information.

Teaching location

The courses are given in the heart of Paris on the campuses of the PSL schools involved in the Master's program. The students may also spend part of their education abroad, taking advantage of the various international agreements of PSL and the schools involved.

Selection process

- Dauphine - PSL : Application (+ interview for apprenticeship). The application should be submitted online at the MyCandidature application platform
- ENS - PSL : See the admission procedure here.



Degree delivered

Institutional Master’s degree conferred by Université PSL and prepared at Dauphine–PSL or ENS - PSL.

The academic program strives to provide a grasp of the basics and computer technologies that form the foundation of organizations, describing their structures and requirements, with a special focus on decision-making tools based on algorithms and programming, discrete mathematics, big data, automated learning, and artificial intelligence.  It places particular focus on equipping students with first-rate professional skills through internships, frequent contact with working professionals, and learning through apprenticeship.  It also includes more theoretical coursework, covering conceptual approaches and tools to aid decision-making.

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