MSCA Conference Speakers - Matteo Merzagora

A first life as a physicist, a second as science journalist, in his third life Matteo Merzagora teaches science communication, organises science culture events, and manages science in society projects.

He is director of TRACES and former director of the science culture centre Espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, ESPCI Paris - PSL.
As a journalist, Mr. Merzagora run a daily science programme for the Italian national radio (RAI3), and wrote for several Italian newspaper. As an exhibition and event developer, he was content developer of two permanent exhibitions at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. He supervises Traces events, such as the ‘Tribune du Museum’ (MNHN), and the ESPGG exhibitions (‘The Science of Choice’, ‘Science and Humour’). The exhibition "Science Frugale" was awarded the ECSITE–Mariano Gago award 2017 for most innovative science communication.
As a teacher and researchers, he is currently co-responsible of the University Diplome "Mediation Scientifique Innovante" (Univ Paris Cité/Learning Planet Institute/TRACES), of the ANR project ‘Reform’ on science communication training (with CNRS/CIS) and of a Horizon Europe project defining the EU roadmap for science learning continuum.
He is author of 5 books on science communication. He is member of the editorial board of the Journal of Science Communication–Jcom, and of the SPOKES magazine. He is expert evaluator for the EC.
In 2022, he is “thinker in residence” for the Portuguese science communication network Ciencia Viva.

He will take part in the 2022 MSCA conference, in the third workshop on closing the gap between science and citizens.