Call for international partnership projects: PSL Global Seed Fund 2023


To encourage the funding and launch of projects in partnership with international institutions, the Université PSL International Relations Department is opening a call for projects. Launched for the first time in 2023, the PSL Global Seed Fund is aimed at all PSL faculty and researchers, to encourage and support their international activities.


The call is aimed at faculty and researchers at PSL’s component schools, associate members and/or partner institutions (hereafter called “institutions” in a broad sense). The project can be submitted by a team from multiple institutions (a single sponsor must be identified in the proposal). Proposals involving a PhD student will be especially appreciated.

The objective is to:

  • consolidate or expand pre-existing partnerships
  • promote new international scientific or educational collaborations between researchers, teams and institutions, and strengthen the internationalization of PSL’s Graduate Programs
  • boost the outreach and attractiveness of PSL and its component schools overseas

This set of regulations defines the general conditions of this call for projects.


-    Total budget envelope planned for the CFP: €100,000
-    Funding awarded will be no higher than €12,000
-    The activities covered by the funding must take place in a maximum period of one (1) year from the date that the outcome of the call for projects is released.

Types of activities eligible

  • Exploratory or consolidation missions with an international partner or future partner (note, for missions at EELISA partners, please submit to the specific Call for Applications - EELISA European University exploratory missions | PSL)
  • Research trips for PhD or postdoctoral students (*if the trip cannot be covered by specific ERASMUS+ funding)
  • Transfer of knowledge or expertise aiming to strengthen scientific skills
  • Organization of conferences, research seminars, workshops, artistic events, seasonal schools (organization and travel costs)
  • Hosting of an intern at a laboratory (internship wages)

Main evaluation criteria

The evaluation process will mainly consider:

-    the project’s scientific quality and originality

-    the benefits of the collaboration for PSL The project must target a university that is complementary and offers advantages in scientific, technical or field-access terms. This must be clearly highlighted in the application.

Other important points:

The following criteria will be carefully considered by the selection panel

-    involvement of young researchers (PhD/postdoctoral)

-    multidisciplinarity

-    subsidiarity: if the relevant institution has access to specific funding suitable for the proposed project, this funding should be used instead

-    co-funding: for example, it is co-funded by one/several PSL institutions; it has parallel funding from an international partner; it has/will have external funding.

-    aim of the project and short-term results expected: for example, the project plans to submit an application for a European or international call for projects.

How to apply?

Complete the attached application form, include a short CV for the project sponsor and written proof of the commitment of the foreign partner(s) to the project (letter, email).

Eligible applications will be sent to the PSL International Relations Department by the institutions, to ensure that the above criteria are respected.

Applications must be sent by 6 pm on Wednesday, March 29, to the contacts listed at this link.

For any questions about the call for applications, please contact

Selection procedure:

Projects will be sent to the International Relations Department of the respective institution (component school, associate member, partner), which will perform an initial review of the projects received, to determine whether there is internal or external funding that is better suited for the submitted projects.

For projects involving multiple institutions, the project sponsor will send it to the IRD of their institution and keep the other IRDs informed by cc’ing them into the email. The projects are then sent to the PSL International Relations Department.

All proposals sent will be examined by a panel made up of:

-    the Vice-President of International Relations and a representative of the International Relations Department
-    the Director of Courses
-    the Director of Research

The outcome will be communicated by Friday, April 21, 2023 at the latest.

Administrative procedure

-    A funding agreement will be established between PSL and the project sponsor’s component school, associate member or partner institution. For research missions, they can be handled directly by the PSL IRD, thereby avoiding funds transfers.
-    If funds are transferred, a short financial report must be supplied in the two months following the project.
-    In all cases, a short report will be requested.


Calendrier Appel à Projet Partenariat 2023


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  • Application deadline, March 29, 2023
  • Evaluation period from March 29, 2023 to April 21, 2023
  • Outcome released April 21, 2023