Helpline against harassment and violences: a safe space to talk, get informed, and report


PSL is launching a Helpline against harassment and violences to collect questions, offer a safe space to talk and process any reports about sexual and gender-based violences, harrassment or discrimination or hazing in the University. This safe space to talk and get informed is available to all PSL communities.

Cellule d'écoute et de veille de l'Université PSL

The creation of the university's Helpline against harassment and violences was decided by all the Schools in April 2021. Launched at the beginning of the 2021 academic year, this new service provides a safe space for discussion and information, available to all. The service is made up of equality advisors from PSL's institutions, its vice-president for student life and social responsibility, Florence Benoit-Moreau, and other members of PSL's teaching, student, scientific and administrative communities. All of them have received comprehensive training in active listening and counsel for legal procedures relating to cases of sexual and gender-based violence. PSL's Helpline serve as an resource for counseling, education and documentation, a service that supplements the programs already operated by each school.

The Helpline's main mission is to facilitate the reporting of sgender-based and sexual violence, harassment, hazing and discrimination within the university. Although the Helpline has no disciplinary powers and cannot impose penalties, it can be called upon to deal with any situation that has an impact on the smooth running of life at the university, whether the event occurs during a course, a student party, an association event, etc. It thus offers a resource and it guarantees a listening ear to any PSL student or staff member, regardless of their status or school. If necessary, the Helpline also offers guidance and assistance in the administrative procedures following a report.

Any request may be sent by email at or by the online contact form.