PSL celebrates Science, the research that changes the world


As the Science Festival reaches its 30th anniversary, PSL is offering a Science Festival to discover the wealth of multidisciplinary research conducted in the university's 140 laboratories. This research, which is changing the world, sheds light on the major issues facing society through the prism of the natural sciences, the arts, law, and the humanities and social sciences. From October 1 to 11, numerous events are available to all: visits, tours, workshops, conferences, etc. are organized to contribute to sharing the emotion of discovery.

PSL Fête la science 2021


  • Sustainable development goals: what are the future energies? On october 6, Mines Paris – PSL  will tell you, from its facilities in Alpes Maritimes, what is the current state of the climate shift and the challenges that need to be met for a sustainable future.
  • Allô ! Le smartphone (en)jeux, a high school audience, not familiar with research, is invited on October 7 to discover the major contemporary issues - environmental, scientific, technological, economic, geopolitical - hidden in an object as common as the smartphone.
  • Space for our planet: Between October 1-11, discover the space technology innovations that bring new solutions for the ecological shift, with 25 stories in a podcast.
  • Welcome to astronomy: The Observatoire de Paris - PSL opens its site on the heights of Meudon from October 7 to 9. Events: "Solar system on real scale" tour, discovery of observational instruments in operation, educational workshops and conferences.
  • Live astronomical observations broadcast on Youtube : the Observatoire de Paris - PSL organizes from October 7 to 9 night observations with a 60 cm diameter telescope, with live broadcast on Youtube.
  • Microfluidics: the Laboratory of Excellence Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes - PSL opens its facilities on October 8 and 9.
  • Scientific experiments: the student association of the Cercle de Chimie Paris - PSL proposes about thirty surprising experiments on the weekend of October 9 and 10.
  • The poetry machine: combining computer science and poetry, the scientific team of the Oupoco project has created a machine that can generate new sonnets in a random way. Live demonstrations on Saturday, October 2 and 9.
  • Special program for the 30th anniversary, at Espace des sciences Pierre Gilles de Gennes: experimentation stands, meetings with researchers, visits to the ESPCI Paris - PSL laboratories, conferences, workshops... from October 6 to 9
  • Fiction-science: an exhibition combining science and arts, based on Gustave Flaubert's Bouvart et Pécuchet. October 8.
  • Travels, travellers and narratives on travelling: The laboratory of Orient et Méditerranée is organizing a science café about travels in the ancient times, at Espace des sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (ESPCI Paris - PSL). October 8.
  • Science Festival at Collège de France: young researchers from Collège de France join forces in the Marcelin Berthelot building, which belongs to Collège de France. October 9.
  • Immersive hybrid place at ENSAD: in this installation, you are offered to watch video testimonies recorded by smartphone in an immersive spatial context in Virtual Reality from October 8 to 11.
  • How can we reach a sustainable future? On October 9, 16 et 17 octobre, two laboratories at Mines Paris – PSL (CMA et CEMEF) will show you the stakes of energy & climate and help you understand the challenges that need to be met.
  • Films and astrophysics: in the vortex of Jupiter: during the event, you can redefine representations of space in cinema from the most recent scientific data, on October 11 with Fémis and the Observatoire de Paris - PSL
  • Youth and Science: Exhibition in relation to young people who consider science from the angles of research, entrepreneurship and initiative, on the Sophia Antipolis facilities