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Drawing contest: create the next coat of arms for PSL Sport!
31 May 2021
Rugby, tennis, women's football… every year, our athletics teams hold PSL's coar high in cross-university tournaments....
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COFUND "Artificial Intelligence for the Sciences" : Call for PhD projects now open
18 May 2021
Established in 2020, the COFUND program "Artificial Intelligence for the Sciences" supported by Université PSL is...
Conférence expérimentale de l'ESPGG cc OHNK - Université PSL
Knowledge sharing at PSL: developing mediation initiatives on a larger scale
17 May 2021
Université PSL established a Knowledge Dissemination Taskforce in September 2020. That taskforce has invited the entire...
Dossiers dans la bibliothèque de Mines paris - PSL
Université PSL's Documentation Council now established
06 May 2021
The election of the university's documentation council was finalized in April. After the establishment of the Academic...
Etudiante dans une salle de l'ENSAD
Launching an emergency assistance fund for students in the Arts tracks
05 May 2021
Université PSL partners with Fondation Carasso to launch an emergency assistance fund for students in the Arts tracks...
"PSL Buddy Program" Become a mentor to new PSL international students!
04 May 2021
Would you like to help, guide and advise a new PSL international student prior to their arrival to Paris? Register...
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3 PSL winners of the 2020 ERC Advanced grants
27 April 2021
The European Research Council released on April 22 the selection of the 209 winners of the ERC Advanced Grant 2020 call....
e.santé universitaire
“It’s almost become automatic.” E-health, a very welcome service for students during the pandemic
14 April 2021
PSL’s student health service, which opened in September, provides students with access to free in-person and virtual...
Echiquier Thèse SACRe
“The SACRe PhD program invites candidates to invent their own research methods”
12 April 2021
PSL SACRe (for Sciences, Arts, Creation, Research), a pioneering arts-based research PhD in France, has inspired many...