Program type Initial Training
Degree Bachelor's
Domain(s) Humanities & social sciences
Discipline(s) Law, Economics, Business Administration - Management, Political Science
Teaching language(s) French, English
Place Paris

PSL host school



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This bachelor's degree prepares to the management of companies and organizations, on the basis of a solid generalist professional training.

Learning outcomes

  • Acquire skills in the different areas of business management (accounting, management control, finance, human resources management, marketing, strategy, etc.)
  • Acquire transversal skills (quantitative tools, languages, etc.)
  • Develop an open, curious and critical vision of the business world and organizations, be able to analyze contemporary issues in management and understand the motivating forces underlying the “managerialization” of society.


Almost all students pursue their studies in the Master's degree in Management at Dauphine - PSL. Nevertheless,  few students pass the competitive entrance exams to business schools.

Opportunities within PSL:

Master's degree in Control, auditing, financial reporting
• Master's degree in Accounting, control, auditing
• Master's degree in Finance
• Master's degree in Wealth Management
• Master's degree in Innovation Management
• Master's degree in Management and organizations
• Master's degree in Human Resources Management
• Master's degree in Marketing and strategy
• Master's degree in Information system, Networks and Digital Technology.

International mobility : Yes
Dual degree : Yes, for some tracks



The bachelor's degree in Management track consists of:

  • a multidisciplinary core curriculum in Year 1 and 2

— Management
— Economics
— Law
— Humanities
— Quantitative and Digital Sciencess

  • in Year 3, a concentration to choose among the following ones

— Management and Organizational Management
— Accounting, control and auditing
— Asset Management
— Management Sciences (Magistère)

Students wishing to deepen their knowledge in a particular field may do so through the certificates in “Languages and Civilization,” and “Media and Journalism.”



Bacherlor's year 1 (L1): The application should be submitted online using the French undergraduate application system Parcoursup

Bacherlor's year 3 (L3): The application should be submitted online using the MyCandidature application platform.

Visit Dauphine - PSL website for detailed admission requirements and schedule.

Prerequisites: Baccalaureat or equivalent
Admission process: based on application  
Tuition fees :More information.
School for registration :Dauphine - PSL
Diploma delivered: Institutional Bachelor’s degree conferred by Université PSL.   



Responsable de la formation : Rouba CHANTIRI

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