Women at PSL: International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022


Profiles, interviews, podcasts, seminars… to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, on February 11, meet female PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers, lecturers, researchers and artists at PSL who are making science attractive.

Elles Font PSL

Fewer than 35% of scientists worldwide are women and only about 30% of female students in higher education choose fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These percentages are changing, but women still struggle to contribute equitably to solving global crises – whether social, environmental or economic.

At Université PSL, in our research chairs, non-profit organizations, individual or group projects, special events, there are many initiatives helping to promote the work of women in science at PSL. The screening and debate on the documentary “Picture a Scientist” at ENS - PSL and ESPCI Paris - PSL, research projects run by the Women and Science Chair at Dauphine – PSL, and encouragement from our schools, repeated successfully every year, to invite young female PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to participate in the L’Oréal-UNESCO Young Talents award… these are just a few examples. Most recently, researchers from the Observatoire de Paris – PSL and the École Pratique des Hautes Etudes – PSL set up a mentoring program called Women in Science PSL. Seventeen female PhD students will be supported by eight mentors from all walks of life. Over the year, in addition to one-to-one discussions with their mentor, mentees will meet once a month to participate in workshops, courses, discussion circles and conferences, to receive support in building their career project.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11 is an ideal opportunity to highlight this commitment. Many initiatives, portraits and presentations of the work of women researchers are on show, with a selection given here.

Webinars, round tables, exhibitions
  • Webinar on scientific culture organized by the Observatoire de Paris - PSL: The presence of women in astronomy and astrophysics, chaired by Mathilde Mâlin, doctoral student at the Laboratory for Space Science and Astrophysical Instrumentation (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris - PSL) - Replay
  • 100% digital Round Table organized by the European University EELISA: Women who make science happen, chaired by Sofia D'Aguiar (Executive Director of EELISA) and Maria Rentetzi (Head of the Chair of Science, Technology and Gender Studies) and with contributions from several panelists, including Solène Demay, former student of Mines Paris - PSL and founder of the WoMinesPSL organization
  • The exhibition "La Science taille XX elles" at Mines Paris – PSL, portraying 48 female scientists involved in research.
Portraits, interviews and meetings with women scientists, engineers and future researchers
Prizes, honors and biographies of some women researchers who marked 2021

They are some of the most talented scientists of their generation

L'Oréal - UNESCO Young Talents France award for Women and Science

Created in 2007, the aim of this program is to identify and reward talented young women researchers. In all, 335 such women have received an endowment from the L’Oréal-UNESCO for the Women in Science program. Every year, many PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from PSL laboratories make successful applications. As well as receiving a research grant of €15,000 for PhD students and €20,000 for postdoctoral fellows, each successful candidate takes part in a training program in line with their scientific field to give them the means to break the glass ceiling.

Some profiles and interviews for you to read or reread:

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