The PSL Foundation

The PSL Foundation serves the University's strategic and innovative projects in research, education, innovation and knowledge dissemination.

Driven by a dual vision of excellence and equal opportunity, the Foundation contributes, thanks to donations from individuals and companies, to the funding of multiple initiatives (chairs, scholarships, housing, etc.) and directly or indirectly manages the intellectual or industrial property rights related to its activities.

In 2020, the PSL Foundation's gender equality index was 89/100.


The Fondation de Coopération Scientifique (FCS) Paris Sciences et Lettres - Quartier Latin is authorized to receive donations and legacies from individuals, companies and foundations.
Donors benefit from all the tax advantages related to sponsorship towards any FCS, which are the same as those that apply to foundations recognized as being of public utility (FRUP).


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Fondation PSL
60 rue Mazarine
75006 Paris