La Fémis

Founded in 1986, La Fémis, the French national film school, trains every year 50 students as directors, DoPs, screenwriters, producers, film editors, sound engineers and mixers, production designers, continuity assistants, film distributors and exhibitors, creation of TV series and Ph.D. in cinema (SACRe / PSL). In 2015, a new program in one year for four young directors is born called “The Residence”.

The School’s core activity is training students on the various disciplines of film industry.
Admission is by competitive exam and is open to students who have completed two or more years of undergraduate education, depending on the program.
For our initial education, the length of study varies between one and four years depending on the program.
The School also offers continuous learning workshops in the areas of screenwriting, documentary development, production and cinema management for industry professionals.
Instead of having a permanent faculty staff, the School is supported by over 500 professional tutors who teach the various programmes and short courses each year.
La Fémis has established a number of cooperation and exchange agreements, both in France, with ’grandes écoles’ in other fields — including the CNSAD (National Academy of the Dramatic Arts), HEC business school, the CFA des comédiens/Studio théâtre d’Asnières, IRCAM (French research institute for music and sound), and the CNSMDP (National Academy of Music and Dance of Paris) — and overseas with the world’s leading film schools in Moscow, New York, Tokyo, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, LA and elsewhere.
For several years, the School has been involved in a number of research initiatives for exemple with the doctoral program SACRe.



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