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Are you looking for a Master’s degree for the next academic year at one of the world’s top universities (top 50 in the THE (Times Higher Education) and QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) global university rankings) in the heart of Paris? Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, etc. PSL and its schools can offer you more than 40 multidisciplinary degrees covering all areas of study.  
Here you will find all the information you need to apply to PSL, whatever your profile and the Master’s degree you have chosen.

In line with the new platform being set up in France for Master’s degree applications, the admission procedure for Year 1 entry to a Master’s degree is changing. Please note, not all Master’s programs are affected by this new system. Follow the 3 steps below, and your application to PSL will be straightforward.


Step 1 | I learn about the admissions procedure for 2024

From 2023, there are some Master’s degrees that can be applied for via the new national platform “Mon Master” set up by France’s Ministry of Higher Education. PLEASE NOTE:

  • Not all Master’s degrees can be applied for on the “Mon Master” platform: some programs, because of their specific features, will be exempted by the Ministry and will use the same procedure as in previous years (specific portal and calendar for each university). Several of these exemptions apply to degrees conferred by Université PSL:
    * Master’s degrees with an international orientation: these courses are taught mainly in English, and are aimed at international applicants, or French applicants wishing to experience a bilingual program with a strong geographic diversity among fellow students.
    This concerns the following PSL Master’s degrees: Analysis and Policy in Economics; Applied Economics; Cognitive Science; Physics; Chemistry; Materials Science and Engineering; Energy; Life Sciences (IMaLiS track); Health Engineering; Space Science and Technology, Sustainability science. 
    * Institutional Master’s degrees conferred by Université PSL and prepared at a component school (the new platform lists only national diplomas)
    At PSL: International Affairs and Development; Control, Auditing, Financial Reporting; Economics and Finance; Quantitative Economics; Finance; Wealth Management; Journalism; Human Resources Management; Management and Organizations; Marketing and Strategy; Fashion and Materials; Information Systems, Networks and Digital Technology; Integrative Chemistry and Innovation.
  • Some students will not have to go through this new platform, because of their nationality or the degree they are studying for the current year (see details)
  • Only applications to Year 1 of the Master’s degree (M1) are affected. Applications to Year 2 (M2) will still be via the platforms of the individual universities.

"Etudes en France" procedure

Step 2 | I choose the PSL Master’s degree that I want to apply for

To find out the procedure (portal, calendar, etc.) for the PSL Master’s you have chosen, complete this form. Key points to remember: 

  • Submission of applications for PSL Master’s degrees with an international orientation: 11 January to 11 March 2024 (with some exceptions). Apply for most of these on PSL’s TALENT portal. 
  • Submission of applications for PSL Master’s degrees that can be applied for on "Mon Master": 26 February - 24 March 2024. To find the Master’s degrees conferred by PSL in just one click, type “PSL” into the main search engine or the name of the specific PSL school offering the program (if you know it). For example, to apply for the Master’s in Public Policy at Dauphine-PSL, type “Dauphine” into the search engine at the top of the page.

PSL form to complete to find out the proper procedure​​​


Step 3 | I prepare my application and submit it within the given deadline

If you still have time before applications open, prepare the main documents to include in your application package (CV, motivation letter, transcripts, etc.). Then all you will have to do later is upload them onto the platform. Go to the website of the Master’s degree you are interested in to check the admissions procedure.
Note: some Master’s degrees include an interview in their admissions procedure. 

FAQ "Masters degrees application procedure"


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