Engineering at MINES Paris - PSL

cycle ingénieur mines
Program type Initial Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Engineering (ISAI)
Domain(s) Engineering
Discipline(s) Mechanics and Materials, Engineering Science
Teaching language(s) French
Place Paris

PSL host school


Since its founding in 1783 in the heart of the Latin Quarter, MINES Paris – PSL has educated scientists and engineers of the highest caliber, capable of solving complex problems in a diverse array of fields. The school offers its students a comprehensive, multidisciplinary education through solid technical, scientific, and business coursework. With training by first-rate faculty and through a diverse array of educational activities, students acquire robust foundational knowledge and practical know-how. The school’s aim is to prepare its engineering students to become promoters of sustainable development who care about society and the environment, impact positively the world ans take part in digital transformation in France and internationally.

This Master’s program is part of PSL’s Graduate Program in Engineering (ISAI).

Learning outcomes

Thanks to a thorough experience, the School helps engineers develop their identity, based on three competences :

  • Critical: integrating different disciplinary fields to develop scientific and technical breakthrough focused on collective progress.
  • Creative: innovating and designing robust, sustainable solutions and implementing them within different types of organizations.
  • Social: conducting work that will produce significant impact and develop working patterns based on collaboration and inclusion, in particular when the engineers run complex projects involving many people from diverse cultures.

This program is accredited by the CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur) which is the French body in charge of carrying out evaluation procedures that lead to the award of the engineering degree “titre d’ingénieur diplômé”.

Curriculum: a three year engineering program

  • Year 1: Semester 1: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Earth and Society, Careers in General Engineering (MIG), Languages and personal development / Semester 2: Applied Mathematics, Software Engineering, Mechanics/Materials and Energy, Economics and Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Management, Languages and personal development.
  • Year 2: Semesters 3 and 4: (one semester may be taken outside France)
    —2 engineering projects
    — 1 trimester centered on research or entrepreneurship
    — 4 specialized courses chosen by the student
    — 1 engineering internship at a company outside France
    — 1 certification in English and second foreign language
  • Year 3: Semesters 5 and 6:
    — 1 core curriculum: Law, Accounting,Debate, Transition
    — Specialized courses chosen by the student
    — One optional course chosen among 17 subjects in five major areas: Mathematics and Digital Science; Energy and Environment;Material Science; Health; Management, Economic and Social Sciences.


— Upon completing their education, two thirds of the students find employment in a wide range of industries. Information systems and technology, consulting and
energy are the most common career paths.
— The remaining third of students either choose to supplement their engineering education with a Master’s degree in the sciences or another field, pursue a PhD degree in France or abroad, or embark on a personal project.


Students work with laboratories in the 5 departments at MINES Paris – PSL: Mathematics and Systems, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Energy and Processes, Mechanics and Materials, Society and Management.


  • Theoretical and practical coursework addressing two major challenges for 21st century engineers: the energy transition and the digital revolution.
  • A modular curriculum starting in year two to foster exchanges and dual degrees with other Université PSL schools and internationally.
  • Research-based training through a three-month immersion in one of the school’s 19 research centers or a laboratory at one of the PSL schools.
  • Close relationships with companies that allow the school to regularly update its curriculum to incorporate real-life company needs and to reflect scientific breackthroughs (courses, electives, and projects added, updated, or omitted as needed) while enabling supervised in-company projects. All civil engineering
    students will complete at least 9 months of in-company experience during their tenure in the program.
  • Multidisciplinary engineering projects (from design to prototyping) based on learning by doing.
  • Consolidating soft skills, language activities, and exploring the creative connections between the arts and sciences.
  • International experiences, encouraged in the form of gap years or academic exchanges via Erasmus or through existing bilateral agreements with major universities abroad such as MIT, National University of Singapore, Stanford, and many more.

Admission on the Concours Commun MINES-Ponts (CCMP) competitive entrance exam

At the close of the second year of preparatory classes for France’s Grandes Écoles in the MP, PC, PSI, PT and TSI tracks, 95-97 students are admitted into the first year of the civil engineering program at MINES Paris–PSL through the CCMP competitive entrance exam co-administered by nine of France’s top engineering schools (Grandes Ecoles). See

Specialized Track

The specialized track is designed for students from École Polytechnique, the Écoles Normales Supérieures, and ESPCI Paris–PSL who would like to specialize in one of the fields available at MINES Paris–PSL.
The specialized track is a 21-month course of study and includes an end-of-program internship through the student’s original school. The track ends in late December of the following academic year.

Degree-based admissions for university applicants (L3, M1*)

This admissions procedure provides entry directly into the second year of the engineering program. Applications must be submitted online at


School for registration : MINES Paris - PSL
Diploma delivered : Engineering degree accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI), awarded by Université PSL.

* Higher education in France:
L1: first year of undergraduate study / L2: second year of undergraduate study / L3: third year of undergraduate study /
M1: first year of graduate study / M2: second year of graduate study


Program director
Training director

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