Work during your studies

The labor laws in France

You are authorised to work during your studies in France, as long as your enrollment at your institution gives you the right to social security for students and a student long-term visa (VLS-TS), or a student residence permit if you do not come from the European Union.

You will be able to work up to 964 hours per year, which corresponds to 60% of the normal work duration in France. However, the duration of your work is fixed proportionally to the duration of your studies (for example 482 hours maximum for a course of 6 months). The laws often change and there are many exceptions.

You will have the opportunity to work during your studies, but it will not allow you to cover all your expenses. A student job is only an additional income.

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If you do an internship, its duration is not part of the duration of authorized work of 964 hours (or 822,5 hours for Algerian students). The internship is managed by a training agreement, an equivalent to an employment contract for internships. This document describes the conditions of the internship (duration, salary, social insurance of the intern) and has to be signed by your institution, the company which hosts you and by yourself. Important: internships bonuses are compulsory in France after 2 months of work.

SMIC (salaire minimum de croissance)

This is the minimum wage legal in France. The hourly amount varies every year (from 10,03 euros gross/ hour in 2019)