Digital Humanities

bandeau humanites numeriques
Program type Initial Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Translitteræ, Historical Sciences
Domain(s) Humanities & social sciences
Discipline(s) Archeology, History, Art History, Digital Humanities, Computer Science, Languages, Literature, Philosophy
Teaching language(s) French
Place Paris

PSL host school

Other PSL school(s) contributing to the curriculum


The new Master’s degree program in Digital Humanities from Université PSL is the fruit of a collaboration between ENC-PSL, ENS-PSL, EPHE-PSL and EHESS. Designed for university graduates seeking to expand their knowledge of their discipline (history and philology, literature, archeology, etc.), the program is intended to teach students how to mine and analyze humanities data.

This master's program is part of following PSL graduate programsTranslitterae and Historical Sciences.

Learning outcomes

Acquire the critical dual skillsets required to conduct independent research in the digital and computational humanities.

Ranging beyond the usual spectrum of the digital humanities, this Master’s program is firmly committed to new computational applications and the use of data to develop new areas of knowledge within the humanities and social sciences. It combines demanding coursework in that area, including education from the four partnering institutions, with training in problems, methods and tools used in data research and analysis (algorithms, quantitative methods, modeling, artificial intelligence).


The program includes an M1 year (60 ECTS) and an M2 year (60 ECTS).
One academic path: Digital humanities and research
- M1: Core curriculum in the digital humanities + courses specific to the student’s chosen discipline (history, philology, literature, archeology, social sciences, etc.) + Research project
- M2: Core curriculum + Specialization options + Seminars + Research thesis defense + Laboratory internship

Core curriculum: algorithms and programming for the humanities, data modeling and structuring, data use and mining, quantitative methods and mathematical modeling, foreign language.
Specialization options: automated language processing and semantic analysis, digital philology, geographical information systems, automated image processing, network analysis.
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Who should apply?

This Master’s program is intended for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in one of the following areas: Humanities, History, Art History and Archeology, Philology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Human Sciences, Anthropology, Ethnology, Language Sciences, Literature.


Strongly focused on research, this Master’s program is primarily designed to train students who ultimately intend to pursue a PhD in their chosen field. Its goal is to provide the skills they will need in both their discipline and in digital methods to conduct their research independently.
The program will serve as preparation for a career in research and higher education (researchers, research engineers) or data expertise in the humanities and social sciences.

Teaching location: Paris, on the partner institution campuses


Bachelor’s degree in one of the following areas:
Humanities, History, Art History and Archeology, Philology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Human Sciences, Anthropology, Ethnology, Language Sciences, Literature.
Students are expected to have an affinity for digital tools, but no prior training in the digital humanities is required for entry to M1.
Motivated students who already hold an M1 and have a basic knowledge of the digital humanities may be permitted to enter M2 directly.

Admissions procedures

Based on an application & interview. Eligible candidates will be asked to sit for an interview with the faculty committee.

2023/24 Application timeline

  • Master 1 and Master 2 : online application from March 22 to April 18, 2023.

MASTER 1: depending on your profile (nationality, etc.), applications must be submitted on the new French platform "Mon Master" OR on the PSL application portal. Please consult this page to learn about the new 2023/24 modalities and the procedure to follow according to your profile.

MASTER 2: on the PSL application portal for all applicants, French and international.


Tuition fees: set by ministerial decree (€243 in 2022/23). Please note that you will also need to provide proof of payment for the CVEC (Student Life and Campus Fee) of €100. More information.

Institution for registration: Ecole nationale des Chartes - PSL.
Degree issued: French Master’s degree delivered by Université PSL   



Master's program manager: Jean-Baptiste CAMPS


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