Information Systems, Networks and Digital Technology

Program type Continuing Education, Initial Training, Apprenticeship Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Graduate Program in Management
Domain(s) Humanities & social sciences
Discipline(s) Economics, Business Administration - Management, Computer Science, Marketing
Teaching language(s) French
Place Paris

School of enrollment


The Master’s degree program in Information Systems, Networks and Digital Technology at Dauphine–PSL is designed to train both managers who are broadly versed in digital technology and experts in information systems. Its graduates are equipped to tackle and steer the digital transformation in a wide variety of organizations and industries.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of and training in new careers in the digital transformation.
  • Skills in analysis, technical program management or project management that are rooted in data science.
  • Managerial and technical skills regarding information systems and how they can transform organizations, innovative businesses and the private sector.
  • Varied career opportunities in both the public and private sector.


The first year of the Master’s program offers a range of courses to help students acquire basic principles and analytical tools for gaining a better understanding of the fundamentals of management (finance, human resources management, project management, marketing, logistics), information systems (modeling, governance, security, auditing) and innovation (including economic and regulatory aspects and innovation in digital technology and media), all of which are constantly changing. Students choose a specialization in their first year that corresponds to one of the six tracks for concentration in the second year.


  • M1 Information Systems Management
  • M2 Information Systems Management track (265)
  • M2 Extended Enterprise Information Systems track: auditing and consulting (243) 


The Master’s degree program produces high-level professionals trained for the following careers:

  • Consultant Project manager (production, development)
  • Project manager (digital, economic)
  • Data analyst and account manager

Teaching location

Dauphine–PSL: Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris


Desired background for Master’s Year 1
Students from France or abroad* who hold a three-year undergraduate degree (BAC+3, 180 ECTS credits) or the equivalent, obtained at Dauphine or another university or institution of higher learning, in information technology, management, economics, finance or engineering.
Selection process
Based on an application to be submitted online at the MyCandidature application platform: *Applicants for the work-study program must have resided in France for 12 months prior to admission.

Degree delivered

Institutional Master’s degree conferred by Université PSL and prepared at Dauphine–PSL.

  • A curriculum that offers thorough training in management and economics and provides a solid foundation in digital and IT skills, enabling students to grasp the digital transformation in all its complexity.
  • An innovative curriculum organized around three major topics: innovation management, data and information systems.
  • A concentration that begins in the program’s first year, when students choose a specialization based on their anticipated track in the second year.
  • A Master’s program that is firmly focused on actual experience, including 24 months working at a business (work-study training) or a contract for a part-time business internship (for students in full-time study).
  • A degree program adapted to business needs, thanks to courses that are constantly updated to reflect technological, economic and managerial trends driven by digital technology, as well as employers’ business expectations.
  • Partnerships with national and international firms.
  • Education informed by research, thanks to its affiliation with research laboratories, including the Dauphine Center for Management Research (DRM) and the Research Center on Systems Analysis and Modeling for Decision Aiding (LAMSADE), and PSL’s graduate program in Management.


Head of the Master's program : Éric Brousseau, Professor

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