Marketing and Strategy

Program type Initial Training, Apprenticeship Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Graduate Program in Management
Domain(s) Humanities & social sciences
Discipline(s) Marketing
Teaching language(s) French
Place Paris

School of enrollment


The Master’s degree program in Marketing and Strategy at Dauphine–PSL aims to produce high-level professionals who can construct a marketing strategy and implement and oversee an action plan using relevant data and information, and can critically assess the marketing challenges facing an organization or business. They will be able to adapt to an international environment and complex organizations at a time of a major transformations wrought by digital technology.
The Master’s degree is affiliated with PSL’s graduate program in Management.

Learning outcomes

  • The ability to construct an effective marketing strategy and plan.
  • The ability to implement and oversee an action plan that draws on relevant data and information.
  • The ability to critically assess marketing and strategic challenges within an organization or business.


The Master’s degree program produces high-level professionals who have the requisite theoretical and operational skills to create a strategic vision. Those professionals find employment in France and worldwide in positions such as:

  • Project manager
  • Digital project manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Operational marketing manager
  • Consultant
  • and many others.


In full-time study: The year lasts from September to June and is divided into two semesters. It includes 12 required courses, seven optional courses, a coaching workshop and a thesis. Competitions and lectures by business professionals will give students an opportunity to meet with companies. Students are encouraged to take a gap year between the first and second years of the program, when they can confirm their career plans prior to choosing an academic track for the second year and also lay the groundwork for entering the workforce once they obtain the degree.

In work-study training (30 spaces): Students alternate between periods in class and periods spent onsite at a business:
They attend courses from late August until mid-October; thereafter they are at the university on Thursdays and Fridays.
They work at the company on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from mid-October to the end of June, then full-time in July and August.

Teaching location

Dauphine–PSL: Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris

Degree delivered

Institutional Master’s degree conferred by Université PSL and prepared at Dauphine–PSL.

Desired background for Master’s Year 1
A three-year undergraduate degree (BAC+3, 180 ECTS credits) or the equivalent, obtained at Dauphine or another university or institution of higher learning, in one of the following fields: management, economics, social sciences.
Selection process
Based on an application and interview. The application should be submitted online at the MyCandidature application platform:

  • In addition to key marketing concepts, students will learn about ethics issues and long-term issues in marketing strategy.
  • The courses combine active teaching and rich academic content, with instruction divided equally between career professionals and experts from academia. Competitions are organized in partnership with renowned brands (Auchan, L’Oréal, Emmaüs, Le Bon Coin, etc.).
  • The program is nurtured by an ecosystem that includes close ties with numerous businesses and research laboratories, including the Dauphine Center for Management Research (DRM).
  • Thanks to multiple academic options in the second year of the program and the option of full-time study or a work-study program, students can choose a path that closely reflects their needs and career plans.
  • The Master’s program offers an introduction to research in marketing and strategy.
  • A strong international focus that includes academic exchanges with a variety of partner universities around the world, selected for the compatibility of their curricula.


Head of the Master's program: Florence Benoît-Moreau, Lecturer

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