More than 5,000 PSL students play sports with us. Come discover the 30 different ways you can participate, and earn Athletics credit hours (UE) to boot!


Open to all PSL students, faculty and staff, PSL-Sport has something for everyone in the many athletic activities it offers. These include team sports, even rarer ones such as women’s soccer, and individual sports including yoga, zumba, and modern jazz dance, sports often hard to find at other universities.

All athletic facilities are located close-by and sports opportunities are offered midday or after 6pm, times that are compatible with university life.

Registrations are open from October 1st through the following September 30th. See the sports schedule, download the PSL-Sport app on your smartphone to enroll, find your PSL-Sport membership card and all the events!

There is a number limit for several activities and you should confirm the enrollment on the app.

Enrollment available starting September 21, 2020

Due to Covid-19 health crisis, social distancing is applicable depending on the room and activities. In order to avoid overpopulation in the rooms or weights room, enrollment in advance is mandatory.
To enroll in a course, use the same link as when you create an account.

Enrollment is available all-year round and the account is active until the next 31 August. No lessons are given during holidays.

Athletics Credit Unit (UE)

All PSL-Sport athletics are compatible with student curricula at all PSL institutions, through the Athletics credit unit (UE). Each UE credit unit is graded on a scale of 20/20, and includes points for attendance (mandatory), participation and investment.


  1. Provide students the opportunity to become familiar with the practice of one or two physical or athletic activities during school hours.
  2. Provide athletic students the opportunity to obtain credit for representing PSL and their school at competitions at the university level as well as locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  3. Provide students opportunities to become fully engaged by organizing a sport at their school or a sports competition among PSL institutions.
  4. Spur thought on the practice of athletics and more generally the practice of sports.
  5. Present athletic activity as a key component of comprehensive education of the mind and intellect, through familiarity with one’s motor skills.
  6. Incorporate athletics into PSL’s cross-institutional curricula.

Student sports associations

Several student associations animate the sporting life of PSL. You will find the PSL cycling team, the Petanque Club or the BDS (Bureau des sports) of several schools on the AS-Student page and on the Union PSL website. A taste of two of them: