Data science & AI for academics


The DATA program at Université PSL offers training in data science and artificial intelligence to all PSL researchers, PhD students and postdoc, adapted to their disciplines and levels (beginners, advanced, expert).
This course will enable you to acquire the knowledge you need to create new courses in your training programs, involving AI, and/or explore new areas of research.

Training entirely in English to be offered at the start of the 2023/24 academic year, as part of the PSL University Institute.


How to access this training?

The training will start in October 2023 at PariSanté Campus (Paris, 75015), with sessions of 3 hours a week (6pm-9pm), over a period of two years, for a total of 234 h of training
Participants will be able to choose between the 11 modules on offer, and register via the PSL University Institute platform. They are encouraged to take the courses corresponding to their needs and, within each class, the lectures best suited to their preliminary knowledge of the subject. 

To facilitate participants' choice, the courses are classified as follows: 
o Beginner: accessible to all
o Advanced: accessible to those with a general knowledge of mathematics
o Expert: accessible to people with a mathematical background, even if they are not mathematicians (physicists, for example).
People starting at "beginner" level should a priori only take basic courses during their first year of training. They can take advanced courses in their second year. Others are encouraged to take the advanced courses straight away.

Support for the creation of new course modules

Researchers who commit to creating a course module as a result of this training will be eligible for support from PSL University. For further information, please contact:


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