Creation date : 2021

PannTheraPi, from the Laboratory Neuroglial Interactions in Cerebral Physiology and Pathologies (Collège de France, CNRS, INSERM), develops innovative drugs for neurological diseases.

PannTheraPi is developing innovative drugs acting on a revolutionary new target, pannexin channels, to address the root cause of neurological diseases and reduce their side effects. They focused first on resistant epilepsy, a dramatic condition. Focused primarily on the unmet medical needs of patients, PannTheraPi is the first pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of Pannexin 1 channel blocker drugs for the treatment of brain disorders, aiming for better efficacy and tolerability than current drugs.

Co-founders: Mr Luc André Granier (CEO), Ms Nathalie Rouach, Ms Elsa Brillaud and Mr Gilles Huberfeld

Original laboratory: LaboratoryNeuroglial Interactions in Cerebral Physiology and Pathologies

Establishments: Collège de France, CNRS, INSERM

CEO: Mr Luc André Granier