5 deeptech start-ups awarded the PSL Tech Seed certification


5 deeptech start-ups receive the certification of the PSL Tech Seed consortium, led by Université PSL and the Institut Pasteur. AGS Therapeutics, APNEAL, LEANEAR, ShareID, STEM are granted the co-financing provided by the French Tech Seed fund.

French tech seed

The PSL Tech Seed program allows technology start-ups from PSL University and the Institut Pasteur, backed by one or more private investors (business angels, venture capitals, industrial partners, etc.), to the co-financing provided by Bpifrance, via the French Tech Seed fund. This program is available to all start-ups from both institutions, regardless of their disciplines and fields of application. The start-ups are granted co-financing from BpiFrance: from €50K to €250K, as convertible bonds.

PSL Tech Seed, un dispositif de financement pour les start-up technologiques de l’Université PSL et l’Institut Pasteur

The 5 certified start-ups for 2021 S1


What are the requirements to be included in the Fonds PSL Tech Seed

Start-ups must:

  • be created less than 3 years ago ;
  • carry a technology-intensive innovation;
  • have raised at least €25K in the last 3 months (or are in the process of doing so) from well-informed investors;
  • supported by business providers who have been certified or are winners (as of 2018) of the I-Lab competition or the PIA's national innovation competition.