Commitment, passion, and a career opportunity at the same time: the gamble of Marion, President of the Do’s Musical association


On March 29 and 30 and April 1, 2022, the cast of Do’s Musical will put on their annual ‘Bullets over Broadway’ show. Meet Marion, a student in her first year of a Master’s degree in Public Policies at Université Paris Dauphine - PSL, and the bubbly president and choreographer of the student organization that won the AIE (Call for Student Initiatives) 2021.


Dancer, student, and a volunteer, Marion joined the Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at Dauphine - PSL following two years of preparatory classes, and is now a student in her first year of a Master’s degree in Public Policies. On campus, she found her ‘second family’, the Do’s Musical association, which is PSL’s first student musical theater organization.

We are a group of about 50 students, who are all just as passionate as each other. For me, it’s all about dance. It’s been my passion ever since I was little. When I found out that I could pursue it on campus while also developing other skills in music and theater, I jumped at the chance.”

This is a true passion for Marion, as before she came to be the enthusiastic Dauphine student she is today, she trained in classical and contemporary dance in an academy for ten years. She holds a Choreography diploma (Diplôme d’Etudes Chorégraphiques) in ballet, and was one of the dancers of the Jeune Ballet du Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional (CRR) in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. This extensive experience is something she can now build upon as a choreographer of Do’s Musical. Alongside her fellow members of the creative team, including stage director Hugues, vocalists Marie and Noa, and Elisa and Baptiste in the orchestra, she has been preparing this year’s project, ‘Bullets over Broadway’, with great enthusiasm. All the members get together every Friday to rehearse.

The most important thing for putting on a good show is the cohesiveness of the creative team. We eat, sleep, and breathe the association, especially in the run-up to the shows. It takes time and energy, but it’s necessary. In September, around 100 students came to the auditions for only 20 places. We couldn’t take everyone, and the pressure was intense, but we were pleased to see such enthusiasm for our project!

Music, dance, theater, and singing - a musical is a real endeavor involving multiple different talents. Since it is a student association, the project is also an opportunity to develop new skills. As President of the association, Marion is in charge of coordinating the different departments, as well as more technical tasks like reserving the theater for the end of year show, obtaining the rights to the music, and fundraising. Do’s Musical is one of the eleven winning initiatives of the 2021 Call for Student Initiatives. The grant will help to cover a large proportion of the technical expenses related to the performances.

I’m learning a lot from this experience and I’m sure it will be useful to me from a professional standpoint. I’m trying to be more patient and to develop better teaching skills. It’s my responsibility to make sure every member has understood, without demoralizing anyone!

After obtaining her Master’s degree, Marion plans to take the regional civil service examinations so she can work in the cultural sector. In the meantime, though, her aim is to give three successful performances of Bullets over Broadway on March 29 and 30 and April 1 at the Théâtre de l'Atelier in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The show is about a penniless playwright who, in order to obtain the necessary funds to put on his show, must take on a range of flamboyant actors, including the benefactor’s girlfriend, a talentless artist - just the opposite of our valiant President.

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Bullets over Broadway by Woody Allen, based on the screenplay Bullets Over Broadway by Woody Allen and Douglas McGrath. The original pProduction, direction and choregraphy are made by Susan Stroman.

Performances on on March 29 and 30 and April 1 at the théâtre de l’Atelier (special rates for students)