What are your plans for the coming semester? Ten student initiatives won the call for proposals launched in Fall 2021


Shows, conferences, charitable sports events... ten projects won the call for student initiatives launched in the fall 2021. The programs will set the pace for campus life in 2022.

Etudiants de Mines Paris - PSL cc ONHK

Cultural and sports events, civic and charitable initiatives, scientific development... the initiatives of PSL students are flourishing. Together they inspire a dynamic and exciting campus life, the resilience of which has been proven over the past two years.
To support and foster such initiatives, Université PSL launches two calls each year and provides funding to a selection of projects from student organizations and only when they are not part of curriculum. Ten initiatives were selected from the seventeen that were submitted after the fall 2021 call. They will keep the heart of the campus beating loud and clear throughout 2022. To participate in their events, visit their social networks and the Université PSL University student life newsletter (link below).

    Student initiatives that won the Fall 2021 call for proposals

    Lectures and outreach

    • BDE Observatoire: Observation during evenings and visits of the Observatoire de Paris – PSL's curricula, available to the entire university's community.
    • Les mardis du grand continent: Weekly debates on current issues organized by the Groupe d'études géopolitiques (GEG) club, based at the École normale supérieure (ENS - PSL)
    • MUN PSL: Lectures and/or meetings to walking in the shoes of UN diplomats organized by the PSL Union Club: MUN PSL (Model United Nations of Paris Sciences et Lettres).
    • Les routes de la soie: lectures, courses, workshops available to all PSL students to promote, within the PSL Campus, Chinese culture and relations with China as well as its variations in the transfers with French culture.

    Sports events

    • Tennis Trophy: preparing a Tennis Trophy between PSL and UCL at the Paris Tennis Club.
    • Tournoi 4 temps: Student rock tournament available to all during a half day in April.

    Charitable initiatives

    • PSL Welcome: An union of all organizations in charge of the reception of migrant students to PSL. Intensive teaching of French, administrative support and organization of the seminar: "Advocate, think and create: series of events centered on the Exile" in order to better include refugee and migrant students who had to drop out their studies when they left their country then enroll again in the university environment in France.
    • Sang pour Sang Ecolo: To make durable and high-quality sanitary protection (menstrual cups, washable pads, menstrual pads) more affordable to tight student budgets, in order to reduce the ecological impact of menstruation on the environment and to fight against menstrual insecurity.


    • Bullets over Broadway: The Do's musical student organization will perform this year a Broadway classic Bullets Over Broadway by Woody Allen. Performances on March 29, 30 and April 1, 2022 at the Théâtre de l'Atelier in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

    Student community

    • Ready, Make, Play!: to create a board game ("game jam"), with teams, on the weekend of April 15 to 17. Available to students of the university, 150 available spots.