SDDS - Data Science, Science Data

cellule sciences des donnees et donnees de la science

Director : Alexandre d’Aspremont (CNRS, ENS)

Lead Institution : ENS

This past decade has seen exponential growth in the flow of data coming from a variety of sources as diverse as biology, e-commerce, the Internet of Things (IoT), the web in general, sensors, imagery, video, language processing, social networks and medical data. The possible applications of this data are numerous, as seen with personalized medicine, pattern recognition, cognitive activity modeling, marketing, viability of embedded systems, the interconnection of services and persons, and the optimization of energy resources, to name a few.

The emergence of ever-present big data is quite simple to illustrate: the cost of data storage has plummeted over the past 50 years to one billionth what it was 60 years ago! Consequently, enormous volumes of data are currently produced and disseminated per day, often in real-time, whether online and via social networks or in the field of experimental science. The corporate world is not left out of this trend, each day recording millions of financial transactions, electric meter readings, and phone conversations with call centers, for example.

The SDDS IRIS funds a set number of doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships.